amzngjen (amzngjen) wrote in erotic_image,

Calling all Hot Chicks and Guys!!!

Hey its Jen!

I'm looking for both guys and gals who have hot bodies and outgoing personalities that want to make some extra money!

Erotic Image is currently looking for male and female entertainers throughout the United States. We currently are receiving calls for just about every state and want to find hot, sexy dancers who know how to have a good time and want to make money doing so.

Take a look at our website, or even search for our website online in your area. We've partied with Detroit, Michigan for 15 years now and we're about to party with the rest of the United States. You will see that we've got the look and the web presence to offer you the chance to make a lot of cash!

I can be reached throughout the day via yahoo: eroticimage_nationwide

Or email us at
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