amzngjen (amzngjen) wrote in erotic_image,

Introduction from Detroit

He said he'd introduce you to some of his associates and I suppose that I am one of them. I'm the Detroit office bitch. I work in the Detroit local office and also help out with the training center. Seeing as how Erotic Image Nationwide has only been officially launched since January 2005, I've been busy working towards getting feedback from our Detroit officeon what works well for us and what doesn't and also training new Entertainer's as to how business works at Erotic Image. Not to mention on top of all that I do a good amount of the Administrative functions for the Detroit office.

Oh yeah, and I'm also the only female who works in the office with a number of guys.

Now though it may seem like it, Erotic Image is not my whole life, I am also a full-time college student at Wayne State University located downtown Detroit. I am in the School of Business working towards my Bachelor degree in Management. I'll finish this semester up in May and start next Fall as a senior. Enough about me though, and enough with the post. I'm home, off work and done with school for the night. Time to chill.

Erotic Image Detroit Office Bitch

"Erotic Image! The Name you Can Trust for Top Notch Quality Strippers, Exotic Dancers and Much Much More."
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